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At Internal Medicine & Primary Care of Sebastian LLC, our goal is to provide top-tier healthcare services that meet and surpass your needs. With a keen focus on individual health journeys, we strive to chart the best path towards optimal well-being.

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Internal Medicine

Comprehensive medical care, primarily for adults, addresses a broad range of health conditions utilizing clinical expertise and a patient-centered approach.

EKG Testing

A vital, non-invasive test used to measure the heart's electrical activity, diagnosing potential heart conditions accurately, and enabling timely and necessary interventions.

Primary Care

Comprehensive initial healthcare, covering disease prevention, health promotion, patient education, and diagnosis, focusing on your well-being and overall health.

Physical Examination

Meticulous health check-ups assess overall health, early identification of potentially rising health concerns, preventive care, and promoting long-lasting well-being.

Check Up

Regular health evaluations to monitor health status, detect potential health issues early, and provide a foundation for continuous care and support.

Heart Health Management

All-inclusive care catering to cardiac health, from prevention and early diagnosis to holistic management and treatment of heart conditions.

Chronic Care Management

Strategy-led healthcare focused on managing chronic diseases effectively to improve patients' quality of life, emphasizing personalized care and long-term solutions.

Diabetes Mellitus Management

Customized plans to maintain optimal blood sugar levels, manage potential diabetes complications and improve overall health through effective strategies.

Managing Hypertension

Comprehensive strategies to control high blood pressure, minimize associated risks, and promote cardiovascular and overall health, tailored to each individual.

Thyroid Disorder Management

Specialized care for thyroid gland health, offering treatment strategies based on in-depth diagnosis, monitoring, and expertise in hormone management.

Cholesterol Management

Sustainable solutions for managing healthy cholesterol levels, reducing risks associated with heart diseases, and promoting a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Program

Personalized nutrition, exercise, and emotional support to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss and improve overall well-being with expert guidance.

Point Of Care Testing

Quick, on-site diagnostic tests including Strep Throat, Flu, COVID-19, UTI, and more, delivering accurate results for prompt, informed healthcare decisions.